Hey ! We're Talking About Ourselves ! (Illustrated Stories)

17 pages
de Filoche Eric la
Hey ! We're Talking About Ourselves ! (Illustrated Stories) Filoche Eric la

With Luke The Duck, Owen The Baby Owl, Mathew The Field Mouse, Slimey The Slug, Rodger The Badger, of, of,... well, all the friends of this book, a curious and beautiful walk on every page waits for you to discover extraordinary adventures.

A walk which will make sensitive the small eaters or the big devourers of stories with regard to an animal species, to customs, to a morality and more simply to a dream.

The illustrations accompanying each story are hand painted watercolours using a quill.

(version available in only French [or] in French / English - www.koshkindom.fr).

Publié le 03 Mars 2014

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